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  How SUPER-FIN is different from VIBRO-FIN :




Part-media rubbing under 8-10 times gravitational force.

Part-media rubbing under gravitational force.

SUPER-FIN is much faster than VIBRO-FIN.

Due to pressure, media touches each and every surface of component.

Media cannot reach intricate area in complicated part.

For difficult to reach area  SUPER-FIN is preferred.

Machine volume from 10 ltr. to 250 ltr.

Machine volumes from 25 ltr to 2500 ltr.

SUPER-FIN more suitable for medium to small parts.

Heavy metal removal in shorter process time.

Heavy metal removal from surface takes longer process time

SUPER-FIN used for more difficult applications.

In nut shell  if VIBRO-FIN is like traveling by a CAR then SUPER-FIN  is like going by AEROPLANE.
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